What is a Frivolous Lawsuit?

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Whistleblower Complaint at Jerry Brown | The Advocacy For Consumer Rights

A frivolous lawsuit is a lawsuit that is intended to harass or delay an opposing party. A lawsuit can be deemed frivolous from the lawsuit itself, a baseless motion, a dfendents answer, or an appeal without an arguable basis. If you can stop a frivolous lawsuit the defendent using has their legal fees paid for… Read more »

Consumer Rights You Are Giving Away

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Consumer Rights You Are Giving Away | The Advocacy For Consumer Rights

Consumers were outraged last year when General Mills changed their legal terms to mandatory arbitration, meaning you could not sue the company for any wrong doing. They changed the terms back in just a few days. Te National Association of Consumer Advocates notes that many contracts you sign including Netflix, Verizon, Groupon, home agreements, and financial services always… Read more »

How Whistleblowers Can Protect Themselves When Filing a Claim

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Goldman-Sachs and NY Fed Reserve Case | The Advocacy For Consumer Rights

  Have you ever wondered how whistleblowers – people who inform authorities about illegal activities in a workplace – protect themselves from retaliation by the organizations they inform on? Whistleblower claim filing is a brave thing to do, and these people are worthy of protection. One of the most common ways they protect themselves is… Read more »

UBS Fined for $33.5M

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Fraudulent Grammar and Frivolous Lawsuits | The Advocacy For Consumer Rights

UBS Financial Services of Puerto Rico is being charged by FINRA and the SEC for multiple charges of contract fraud, negligence, unsuitable investments, etc. and they are being charged with $33.5 million. FINRA is seeking an additional $1B in damages for arbitration claims. UBS Financial’s broker is also being charged in Puerto Rico Federal Court for misleading… Read more »

Key Examples of Government Fraud

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Key Examples of Government Fraud | The Advocacy For Consumer Rights

Government fraud, or the act of procuring government funds through unethical means, is a substantial problem in the United States, and it is the taxpayers who ultimately foot the bill for these fraudulent actions. Government fraud is viewed as an exceedingly serious offense, and as such, it is an offense that is usually prosecuted to… Read more »

How to Stop Lawsuits by Understanding the Laws of Grammar

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Arbitration Clauses Eliminate Rights | The Advocacy For Consumer Rights

If you’ve had a lawsuit filed against you, did you know it is possible to stop a lawsuit in its tracks? Many lawsuits are poorly written and difficult to understand. Sometimes, this is intentional because it works in favor of the person bringing the suit. Understanding the laws of grammar, or enlisting the help of… Read more »

Contacting Grammar Specialists

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Consumer Rights You Are Giving Away | The Advocacy For Consumer Rights

A grammar specialist is someone who can assess legal contracts to make sure that all of the proper language and mathematic rules are followed. This type of specialist may be new to you, so you may not really understand when you might need to call them. You need to know when you should contact a… Read more »

Banks Reach $1.865 Billion Dollar Settlement

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DOJ Readies Fresh Round Of Hefty Bank Settlements | The Advocacy For Consumer Rights

In one of the largest antitrust class-action settlements, 12 major banks agreed on a $1.865 billion dollar settlement against credit default swap accusations. The banks include Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, and many others. Credit default swaps protect investors against debt issuers that do not pay the money they owe. A credit default swap is part… Read more »

Delivering A Verb Pizza!

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Delivering A Verb Pizza! | The Advocacy For Consumer Rights

Yesterday we went online and ordered a pizza from the same Domino’s Pizza I managed years ago. I wrote we “we wanted a large cheese pizza.” When the pizza delivery guy got to the door, I paid for the pizza. I walked back into the house and opened the pizza box to find no pizza at… Read more »