About Us (Short Version)

Since most consumers have not been taught correct syntax language, this website is written in fiction English in order to be readable by consumers in the language they were taught.

We have learned over the years that many lenders have performed severe lending violations on millions of homeowners and in most cases the homeowners have no idea the extent of the violations. We have also discovered that most of the current lenders or servicers who have taken over the servicing of the predatory loans have intentionally misled and wrongfully denied millions of homeowners for assistance that is desperately needed.

The Advocacy For Consumer Rights specializes in the mathematical laws of grammar in contracts.

We offer free reviews of contracts to determine if a consumer was a victim of fraud based on the mathematical laws of grammar.  We offer additional services to consumers who wish to take action against those who have violated the laws of grammar and have caused damage to the victim.

We also review cases in which a consumer has been damaged by a creditor who has performed grammar against a consumer.

We also offer free training seminars on the laws of grammar to help educate consumers.  In most cases, victims of mortgage fraud are unaware how to take action.

A mortgage is based on a contract. If the contract for your mortgage violated the laws of grammar, this can be proven mathematically & cannot be disputed.  We offer insight into programs for relief, such as the Whistleblower Programs, that most consumers are not aware of.

Please understand we are not attorneys and we do not offer legal advice. We are not affiliated with any lenders, government organizations or law firms. We are not a marketing agency or a referral service. We also do not offer any services related to loan modification or foreclosure rescue.

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