TAFCR DOES NOT assist consumers with a mortgage modification under any circumstances.  If you are having difficulties with your mortgage we recommend you contact your lender directly and work with them on a modification.  TAFCR is not an attorney firm, does not employ attorneys & does not offer legal advice or practice law.

Mortgage lenders and servicers, in many cases, have severely damaged consumers by performing violations of false & misleading statements through grammar fraud. By using the lenders own documents & the mathematical laws of grammar, we can expose the fraud & take action.

You do not have to be late on your payments to qualify.  A review of your case does not affect your credit, does not affect your relationship with your lender and does not affect any attempts for relief you may be working on with your current lender.

In most cases, victims of mortgage fraud are entitled to damages and awards through Whistleblower Programs through the Department of Justice & the Securities & Exchange Commission.

To get a detailed layman’s overview of the laws of grammar and how we can help, click here.

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