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If you are looking for help with foreclosure rescue due to difficulties with mortgage payments or problems, you should contact your lender immediately to work out a solution. However, if you suspect grammar fraud in your contracts, then help is available to sort things out.

Mathematical Laws of Grammar

Most people understand basic math and would notice if someone changed one component of a simple formula, such as 5+5=10. Now, if one of the 5’s was changed to an 8, the client would notice and realize that 10 is no longer the answer.

Grammar is a lot like math. Certain nouns and verbs must be used in proper order. If a noun is turned around and used as a verb or adjective, then the meaning could be partially or completely changed. However, if you just quickly glance over a legal document and do not read the words in the correct context, the new inference could be missed. Down the road this could cause problems, possibly leading to the need for foreclosure rescue, when you are told you had signed a contract that said something that was different from what you had thought it meant.

An Advocacy Group Can Be an Important Ally

If you feel you have been taken advantage of and would like expert help, assistance is available to help you sort through the questionable paperwork. Whether it has led to creditor harassment, a lawsuit or foreclosure, take steps now to have your information reviewed by people who have your best interests at heart.

Do you feel you have been lied to or misled? With a case manager specifically designated to handle your case, you can receive a confidential review that is free and with no obligation. Your case manager can help decipher and find any false and misleading statements that have brought you to the point of needing foreclosure rescue.


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