At this time, we have not received a submission for the charity project from any of the people, agencies or companies listed below.

TAFCR has invited the following people to participate in a Charity Project.  For each person who completes the project correctly, TAFCR will donate $100 to the charity of their choice.  We will post the results of their participation on this page.

Eric Holder, James Touhey, Charles Marvray & Gail Johnson with the Department of Justice, Sean McKessy, Nikkia Wharton & Jane Norberg with the Securities & Exchange Office of the Whistleblower, Richard Cordray with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the US Postal Inspector, Better Business Bureau of Arizona, Business Consumer Alliance.

Project Details:
Part 1:  Invitees can print out the 1 page document listed below.  Once printed, put a 1 over every “adverb”, a 2 over every “verb”, a 3 over every “adjective”, a 4 over every “pronoun”, a 5 over every “position”, a 6 over every “lodial”, a 7 over every “fact”, an 8 over every word in “past time”, a 9 over every word in “future time”, a 0 over every “conjunction”, a NC over every word which is considered “No Contract”, a VC over every “Void Continuance”, & a VOID over every part of the document that is considered to be Void by the laws of correct grammar.

Part 2: Once part 1 is complete, remove or white out all words that are not a 5, 6 & 7.  Please write down the total number of 5, 6 & 7’s.

Part 3: Please re-write the document using the laws of correct grammar.

Please fax, email, or mail in your completed project.

The charity of your choosing would greatly appreciate your contribution of time.

To get a detailed layman’s overview of the laws of grammar and how we can help, click here.

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Charity Competition


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