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About 3-4 times per day we are told by consumers they have been scammed by companies or attorneys.

Have you ever been scammed by a company or attorney?

Although consumers never really ask the following question, I am going to take a couple minutes to answer the question in layman’s terms.

Why should I study grammar?

In the simplest terms, the reason to study & understand grammar is to protect yourself from harm.  If you have ever been scammed, in most cases a contract was established prior to you entering into an agreement.  If you look at a contract and you cannot identify what a fact looks like and you cannot identify the simple parts of speech such as a verb or adjective, how can you possibly protect yourself from being scammed?

Not understanding the basics of grammar is no different than being in a foreign country that speaks a foreign language that you do not understand.  How would you expect to protect yourself if you don’t know the language?  If you cannot determine what is a adverb, verb, adjective, pronoun or fact you may as well be in a foreign country.

Ask yourself the following questions.

Why is it that I can read a document but not identify what a fact is?  Do I know what a fact looks like?  If I can read a document but do not know what a fact looks like, how do I know what I am reading is fact or fiction?  If I enter into a contract that is written in fiction and contains no facts, how am I going to protect myself if no facts exist.

A fact is a fact and fiction is fiction.  You can only have 1 or the other but not both at the same time.  If you are defending your home from an intruder would you rather have a gun that is a fact or a gun that is fiction?  If you have a fiction gun how are you going to protect yourself that does not exist.  Only a fact can exist.  The definition to the word “fiction” = invention or fabrication as opposed to fact.

You cannot protect yourself with a fiction gun just the same as you cannot protect yourself with fiction grammar.  Just like guns, words can be used to protect or harm, help or hurt.


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Like the laws of math & physics, the laws of grammar have been around since grammar was created.

Grammar is not an accident.  The dictionary did not happen from an explosion in an ink factory.

The challenge is that the correct laws of grammar are not taught to the masses.  Due to this lack of correct training, the masses have a difficult time understanding that what they were taught is not correct.

This entire website and this article is all written with incorrect grammar because we know in order to teach people correct grammar we have to communicate in the language they were taught.  How successful would Rosetta Stone language training be if the entire courses were written and recorded in the language you were trying to learn?

It is often the case that consumers look to the government or the courts in an attempt to verify if the laws of grammar have been taught incorrectly.

Once a person is well trained in the laws of grammar, they realize very quickly that the government and courts will never publicly admit to the fact that the laws of grammar have been purposely hidden.

If a person does not know the correct laws of grammar, they don’t what to look for because they would not know what correct looks like.  If you did not know the laws of physics, you would typically have to trust what a physics professor is telling you.  If you did not know the mechanics of a vehicle, you tend to trust what your mechanic is telling you.

If you do not know the laws of grammar you tend to believe that the government and courts must be correct in what they do.

Once you understand the laws of grammar, then grammar fraud is quite easy to spot just as if someone were to tell you that 3+3=12.  Just by looking at “3+3=12” you instantly can see the fraud because the laws of math are indisputable.  Why would language, which controls all communication, be any different?  It’s not!  Language is all based on math and with math codes you can spot grammar fraud instantly.

First you must learn the laws of grammar to see the fraud.  Once you are well versed in the laws of grammar, you then get to witness first hand, how the government and courts will scramble and deny everything when it comes to the topic of grammar fraud.  They simply do not want to talk about it.

We have had numerous calls with high ranking government agencies in which government employees simply will end the call if we begin to question them on grammar.  If we let the government agency know we wish to record the call, then they end the call.

A quote directly from the FBI regarding correspondence we sent them was “we cannot confirm or deny any correspondence from you”.  This statement was made by the FBI despite the fact we have certified mail green return cards showing they signed for our correspondence.

We have even gone so far as to create a Charity Project as a challenge to those who seem to not want talk about grammar fraud or pretend it does not exist. To date, not one government employee has ever responded.  If you look at the Charity Project, you will see it is not a daunting task.  It’s actually very simple yet you then have to question, why no government employee is willing to take the challenge?

It’s quite simple.  The government has admitted they hire “stupid people”.  This is a direct quote.  I think what they meant to say was they hire people they know do not understand the laws of grammar and they ensure those people do not learn the laws of grammar.

So you end up with a very large government with the majority of the employees purposely trained to not understand correct grammar and a few that know what correct grammar looks like.

It is well known that the government has to cater to native languages.  If a person can only write or speak in Chinese, the government is required to correspond in Chinese in order to not discriminate or handicap a person from communicating in their native language.

This same law applies to correct grammar.  This is when you see blatant fraud by the government.  When they are given a document in correct grammar, they correspond back in fraudulent grammar as if they cannot understand correct grammar.  In short, a document is sent to the government that says 3+3=6 and the government corresponds back and says they cannot understand that 3+3=6 and instead replies back that 3+3=12.

Over time we have come to know this is standard procedure for the government to attempt to hide the laws of grammar by pretending they do not exist.

The laws of grammar are as indisputable as the laws of physics or math.

While the United States is far from perfect, it is certainly far better than many other countries and third world countries.

We are all born with certain freedoms such as choice.  Each person can choose their own beliefs, faiths etc..

To be able to fully choose what is best for you, you need to be able to fully understand the laws of grammar.  By knowing the laws of grammar you can then decide which contracts you enter into and you can then see if someone is attempting to rob you of your freedoms through fraudulent grammar.  Not knowing the laws of grammar is the same as going to a foreign country in which you don’t know the language.  If you don’t know the language, how would you ever know what was going on?

Imagine a person who has never studied the Chinese language flying into China.  When that person gets off the plane in China, they then start telling the Chinese that their language is wrong and that they don’t make any sense.  While a person actually doing this would be insane, I experience this scenario quite frequently.  It is common for a person who has zero knowledge of correct language to argue that what they know is correct.  These same people claim to be well trained in the English language yet, when given a paragraph, they can barely identify the parts of speech such as a verb or adjective.  When asked what an adjective is, very few people can even figure that out.  How are you going to tell a person that speaks Chinese they are incorrect when you can’t speak or understand Chinese?

Any language you have not been trained in will always look foreign.  This is why it’s called a “foreign” language.  To say the foreign language is incorrect when you have not fully studied it, would be considered by most people a foolish statement.

When you look at the following sentence, can you tell what parts of speech each word is?

“The car was going very fast.”

If you think “car” is a noun in this sentence, you are incorrect.  In this sentence “car” is a verb.  In the dictionary “car” is a noun not a verb.  What has taken place is a noun or fact has been modified or changed to become a verb or a non-fact.  If your confused, it simply means that the basic foundation of what you were taught about grammar was and is not correct.  Up until now, it is not your fault because you did not know.

How about “The the is for the the” or “I saw a fan by a bat with another bat sitting next to a seal who was using a ruler.” These sentences shows that a single word can be modified to be many parts of speech or meanings.

The above sample sentences are very simple sentences.  Imagine how much trickery can go on in a 15 page Deed of Trust or a government letter.  If you have ever filed a claim written in correct grammar with the government you will know first hand what deception looks like.  James Touhey and Charles Marry with the DOJ are notorious for sending fraudulent notices to consumers .  By their own words they admits to not understanding the language.  If you are a government employee and you cannot understand a language, you are required to get a translator or assign the task to someone that can read the language.  You can study the 1964 Civil Rights Act regarding handicapping.

On a side note, TAFCR is offering a $500 reward to anyone that can get James Touhey or Charles Marry to contact our office and speak to us on a recorded conference call for 30 minutes.  Our efforts to reach this person have failed on all attempts.  Lately we end up getting stuck talking or leaving messages with Gail Johnson with the DOJ who refuses to patch us into James Touhey to discuss his misappropriations.   We have invited these folks to training seminars and family barbecues but no luck.  We would be quite delighted to interview James Touhey or Charles Marvray and post the recorded conference call on this website for everyone to hear.

The average person is typically so busy making ends meet that little time is left to invest in any activities outside of making ends meet.  If you look at the population as a whole, 95% of people are barely making ends meet and they are using every hour of the day to just get by.   There will always be lazy people but the majority of people do the best best with what they know and they work very hard long hours to barely get by.

It takes the average person 200 hours of solid study time to begin to grasp the concept of correct grammar.   Studies have shown the average person watches 5 hours of TV per day.

If I were to do an interview, I imagine more people would know the entire roster of their favorite sports team or the entire cast member list of The Big Bang Theory vs. knowing how to spot the verbs in a sentence.  This is in great part because people only know what they know or what they have been told.  In the end, we each have a choice on how we will use our free time.  200 hours divided by 5 hours = about 40 days apart from your TV.  Each person has a choice to learn or not learn because we all have 24 hours in a day.  How you spend your free time is up to you.

Here is a list of the top shows for 2013-2014.  While entertainment is both enjoyable and necessary, it is also nice to have a good knowledge of the laws of grammar which control all contracts you will enter into.

If you would like to dig a bit deeper into the laws of grammar read About Us Long Version or About Me.  We also conduct free training on the laws of grammar but don’t expect it to be learned overnight or without a good amount of effort.

So if you ever have a person say correct grammar is not correct or if you are a government employee or someone who wishes to dispute this publicly, please first complete the Charity Project.  Once completed we can set up a recorded conference call or recorded personal meeting so everyone can publicly hear your thoughts on the matter.


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The following is a 8 part video which provides an incredible layman’s overview on how the government & freedom is supposed to work.

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As a Consumer Advocacy organization, we commonly see government employees guilty of misappropriations by not performing duties they are responsible to perform.  Government employees are paid by tax payer dollars.

The following articles are great examples of what happens when government employees get to spend money they did not create or earn.